Mens True Religion Jeans

A simple stitch from True Religion transformed the denim industry during 2002. Executed by the deconstruction of a standard sewing machine, the team rebuilt the structure to ensure the production of their iconic Super T-stitch could be created. Visually unique and bold to the eye, this five-thread continues to grace every jean produced. Infused with a horseshoe motif, expect ‘Western’ connotations, vintage washes and a series of styles from this denim brand. With a variety of styles, sift through The Ricky, The Joey, and The Halle. Punching attitude into each design, invest in a slice of LA with True Religion. Discover the full collection of men’s jeans from True Religion at Psyche.

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The brand that took the L.A denim scene by storm back in 2002, True Religion's "Super T Stitch" jeans are a breath of fresh air from a world of same five-pocket jeans. The True Religion name is one synonymous with quality American craftsmanship and innovation. The denim selection is an eye catching to say the least, with oversized 2SPI needlework exclusive to True Religion, what began with a stitch now leads to a future of innovative fashion designed by the fearless, for the fearless.