Lacoste Live

Lacoste Live is a distinct sub-brand under which the French company Lacoste sells its updated classics. Lacoste was founded back in 1933 by tennis legend Rene Lacoste and it's green crocodile logo makes it easy for many people to recognise. The company draws upon it's impressive experience while still providing what is very much a 'contemporary design line', as the range is branded, in the form of Lacoste Live.
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Lacoste Live men's clothing range exudes a fresh, contemporary vibe and a youthful theme. Focusing on high-performance sportswear, the menswear diffusion line remains true to the brand's signature sporting style, with functionality running through contemporary collections that embrace the bold in colour and design.

It is undisputed that Rene had the nickname ‚the crocodile‚Äù. However the origins of this name are more of a mystery. Some argue the nickname derived from his tenacious play on the courts, others that it was a reference to the size of his nose, however Lacoste himself claims it came from a sporting wager involving a crocodile suitcase. Whatever the truth behind this, the Lacoste logo came to become an internationally recognised lifestyle brand and is argued by many fashion historians to mark the first occasion that a brand's logo appeared on the outside of a garment.