Kappa T-shirts and Tops for Men

Shop the collection of Kappa T-shirts and tops for men at Psyche. With a selection of casual pieces on offer, go relaxed in streetwear essentials from Kappa. 

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Featuring the Omini logo on a selection of garments, Kappa represents gender equality with the silhouettes of a man and woman sitting with their backs to each other. Including iconic designs such as the Banda print, the collection at Psyche caters for fashion-forward men with a selection of short and long-sleeved styles. Style a Kappa T-shirt or top with other pieces from the Kappa range at Psyche. We also offer a selection of men's T-shirts and tops from other designers. 

Shop our Kappa tops and T-shirts for men today. At Psyche, we offer international shipping with the option for free UK next day on orders over £125.