Brand Focus

Paul Smith- behind the zebra

From the designer who finds inspiration in anything, the eccentricity of Paul Smith never goes unrecognised. With new icons introduced each season, the most recognisable emblem of the PS brand is the zebra. Sitting to many Paul Smith garments, this rainbow infused animal is a leading symbol of the British menswear powerhouse.

Introduced in 2008 as it was born onto a collection of t-shirts, Paul Smith’s zebra was loved back then and remains a classic 12 years on. This colour injecting symbol is a reflection of the Nottingham-born designers’ wit, creativeness and unique approach to style. Giving that the zebra highlights colour in the most unexpected places, it is also seen in a monochromatic scale, giving the PS spirit animal a variation of colours and designs.

Housing the monkey and the Dino to the latest arrivals, the zebra will continuously remain a favourite. Shop the collection of eclectic prints with Paul Smith, online now.