Brand Focus

“Colors have no season” Introducing Colorful Standard

In the industry of prints, logos and head-turning designs, a simplistic brand with quality control and colour at the heart is a winner. Introducing, Colorful Standard.

This minimalistic brand doesn’t need much introduction. All there is to know is that colour is the foundation- a bit of a given as it’s all in the name. However, colour may be the focus but behind this brand is innovation, sustainability and quality control. As the brand states, it needs no worries for the current trends or seasons, it simply cares for timelessness.

Image Credit: Colourful Standard

Letting the colours do the talking, the basic garments contain a story behind each tone. It’s a sort of interior designer’s dream in the form of fashion. With pre-washed garments made using organic cotton, each one is dyed after the sewing process, ensuring an outcome of no-shrinking and a fresh dyed feel.

Shop Colorful Standard at Psyche today. To see the colour inspirations, view here.