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BOSS x Meissen

A purposeful capsule that focuses on the “Big Five”- we introduce the BOSS x Meissen collection- a 2019 holiday campaign. Taking a heavy influence from the “Big Five” figurines of Africa, BOSS x Meissen focuses on the aim to conserve the endangered Savannah Elephant, as the collection works alongside the charity Elephants for Africa.

BOSS x Meissen t-shirt

Meissen, a porcelain factory based in Germany, are world-renowned for their porcelain artwork, within sculptures, objects and dining services. Collaborating in this capsule with BOSS, this partnership visits two globally recognised brands uniting for a good cause. The range visits a capsule collection that explores clothing and accessories inspired by the “Big Five” figurines that were created by Maximilan Hagstotz, a sculptor for Meissen.

Exploring a monochromatic palette, the collection reflects purpose, meaning and awareness of the five animals; the rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard and elephant. The charity in partnership with the collection, Elephants for Africa, provides education and works with communities in Botswana to work towards protecting the Elephant species.

With a good cause at the foundation, explore the BOSS x Meissen collection at Psyche. Housing t-shirts, shirts and socks, visit monochrome tones and illustrative prints that reflect the ethos and originality of the campaign.