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Put A Spring In Your Step With Saucony Trainers

Let’s step back in time and talk about the background of Saucony for a moment.

With the arrival of the vintage-style Saucony trainers at Psyche this season, it has got us thinking about the history of the brand that we’ve become rather fond of.

Shadow 5000 Trainers

Once awarded for the ‘Best Quality’ running shoe in the 1970s, Saucony was founded in 1898 (two years after the very first Olympic marathon) at a time when high-performance running shoes had not picked up speed yet, so the brand decided to put a serious focus on creating the ultimate running shoes for serious athletes. They were determined to make a show that could change the way people run.

Jazz Original Vintage Trainers

The 1900s were a great time for Saucony and by the 1970s, they were winning awards and accolades for their high-tech designs. During the 80s, they transformed themselves in a brand that celebrities wanted to get their hands on; Saucony weren’t just for sports anymore, they dipped their toe in to the fashion world and this shaped Saucony into the fashion brand that they are today.

This season, we have a selection of Saucony trainers available in-store and online.


Jazz Original Vintage Trainers

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage Trainers

First launched in 1981, the iconic Saucony Jazz Original Vintage Trainers was designed for ultimate comfort, sturdiness, and gives protection against strain and injury.



Saucony Shadow 5000/6000 Trainers

This retro-style Saucony Shadow Trainers provides a casual, off-duty look; it’s cushioning comfort supports the foot, giving you a spring in your step no matter how far you walk (or run).

View the Saucony collection here.