For London-born Albam, style consistency is key. With four collections produced per year, Albam strips it down to basics with menswear necessities that are hard to seek- an influence that begun the brand. Based on exceptional fits, fabrics and finishes, Albam lays down the rules with simplicity and unbranded, avoiding the mainstream popularity of heavily focused logos. With contemporary menswear in the form of overshirts and tops, explore the collection from Albam at Psyche. Shop with free UK shipping on orders over £125.

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Founded in the British capital back in 2006, Albam was born out of an epiphany between two fashion creatives with the need to seek simple and unbranded menswear with an overall contemporary feel. Fast forward over 14 years and Albam is one of England’s most renowned independent brands. Internationally loved for its classic and consistent menswear collections, Alastair Rae and James Shaw have produced a brand that defines timelessness- a brand that strips things bare to the minimum to deliver ever-needed elements of menswear. After opening the first Albam store in London’s Soho with an initial influence of utility, Albam’s long-lasting and durable menswear has taken success due to its unique ethos, one in which premium production and comfortability takes charge above brand recognition. Offering a selection of premium shirts, tops and more basic menswear shapes, explore Albam at Psyche today. We offer free UK shipping on orders over £125 or we also ship internationally.